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Next Station: Mandi House

If you live in Delhi, and you’re into theatre or Indian sweets-I’m sure you know Mandi House well. I’ve been there before, but not with my architectural lens or on such a beautiful Spring day.

Himachal Bhawan
Exit, Mandi House Metro Station

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The Architectural Phallus

The tall office building has been more often than not compared with the male erection. It’s like the starchitects play ‘mine is bigger than yours’ on a city’s skyline. Each new skyscraper boasts to be taller than the previous, or distinguish itself by adding a ‘striking’ form to the skyline. Continue reading “The Architectural Phallus”

Philosophy of Technology

I thought starting a blog was difficult. But amidst the madness of architecture school, uploading new content regularly, is even harder. And being used to the cycle of designing-critiquing-designing-critiquing, I seem to be unable to put a stop and just go ahead and publish the post. So i decided to let go a little and add my research on certain references later. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this musing based on the first chapter of ‘The Whale and the Reactor-A Search for Limits in an Age of High Technology’ by Langdon Winner.

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Who is the Architect?

This question had started haunting me quite recently. Given how I have reached a point in my architectural education where I have explored the views of various theorists over time, I realized their relevance in today’s world of architectural education and came to link the various ideas in my head. Also, due to a philosophical exploration (I’ll probably talk about this in another post), I sort of fell into an existential crisis. My interest in various fields, the exposure to a wide variety of subjects and the vision that I could possibly be treading down any other career-path puzzled me. What am I studying to become? Can I be many things at once? As a part of my Theory of Design assignment, I decided to then explore this confusion through an essay. I hope there’s more people out there as confused as I am. 🙂

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