Books. Second-hand, dusty or brand new.

Pages. Doodled on, yellow or sparkling white.

And at SPA Delhi’s library, red and hardbound with gold embossed serif letters.

This library is one of the best in India and I’ve spent hours here rummaging for books I’ve wanted for informing my design, coming across a couple of other interesting unexpected ones each time. Starting from 1st Year, I’ve always returned books after noting their numbers or clicking photos of their covers. (And often with my Post-It’s sticking out). I’ve also bought a  rackful from bookstores and fairs in Delhi and Noida (also from the cities I’ve travelled to) and ordered quite a few online. So I decided to document that here, on my blog, as a convenient reference for myself and others- one post per theme. Upcoming posts will cover books on Thinkers, Sustainability, Philosophy, Art+Graphics and more.

The first in the series-On Pages, is books about different cities. Let me know if you would like a sneak peak into any. 🙂 Happy Reading!

(P.s.- Let me know if you have some books to add to the list! I will keep updating the post. 🙂