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How can architects in India make themselves relevant in the future?

Four years ago, on my first day at School of Planning and Architecture, I was told during the campus tour, that a lot of graduates don’t become architects. They become photographers, artists, furniture designers among other endless possibilities of profession. I was puzzled. I thought to myself “How does one get into the best architecture school and not end up pursuing architecture?” Continue reading “How can architects in India make themselves relevant in the future?”

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Chicken /aur/ Chikan

Here’s kicking off this year with a sneak peak into my sketchbook 🙂 A cozy, comfortable end to 2016. Continue reading “Chicken /aur/ Chikan”


(In)formal= (Il)legal= (Un)planned: a story of negatives


Informal= Local= Informed: one of many positives

This post focuses on the informal sector in cities and it’s many positive contributions. It is a continuation from “Whose side are we on?”– a post that talks about what seeing like the State means and its impact on design of cities. It navigates through topics of formal/ informal and legibility/illegibility as well. Continue reading “Informal=Intelligent”

Whose side are we on?

What do we see? The formal or informal?

How do we read cities? Like the State or like the people?

What is the agency of design? An exercise in activism or authority?

Continue reading “Whose side are we on?”

Slum Upgradation

Up and Down.


Continue reading “Up and Down.”


Here’s the 2nd in the series ‘On Pages’. These are some books right from the beginner level to hard core texts by famous philosophers. I’m working my way in this order. 🙂

(P.s.- Recommendations are welcome! Comment below or contact me, I’ll keep this list updated 🙂

Continue reading “PHILOSOPHY on pages”

PLACES on pages

Books. Second-hand, dusty or brand new.

Pages. Doodled on, yellow or sparkling white.

And at SPA Delhi’s library, red and hardbound with gold embossed serif letters. Continue reading “PLACES on pages”

The Building Skin

IMG_20150810_132341 IMG_20150812_143855 IMG_20150610_164932 IMG_20150628_150824 Continue reading “The Building Skin”

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